also moffat's comment on how there's gonna be a doctor X river X clara love triangle but "not in the way you would expect" what if instead of it being the doctor and clara in love and river jealous but clara and river in love and doctor jealous or something like that i mean oswin had her "phase" and apparently river is bi sooooo

i’m actually willing to bet money that this is going to be how it goes down (and i would bet as much money that if it goes down like this there will be some kind of news article/interview in which moffat congratulates himself on being a good ally and then manages to say something sexist/biphobic in the same sentence)

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  1. thecabbiewhovian said: This is so spot on, it’s impressive yet… disappointing. The complexity is there, but the motive behind it is shallow.
  2. anaisforthewin said: ugh he can leave now.
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