my mom braided my hair for me :3

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  1. allisonargentsavestheday said: pretty. also: omg is that your natural hair color, cause it’s gorgeous.
  2. 7xcookiex7 said: IT LOOKS SO PRETTY OMG I LOVE IT
  3. accioamber said: Holy damn, Jess, your mom is the very coolest.
  4. giguana said: can your mom teach my mom how to french braid bc i really love it but she doesnt know how to do it
  5. queenmaeb said: pretty :D
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  7. hollowtowers said: The back of yo head is ri-dic-o-lous.
  8. garbagel said: HOW DO??? SO SHINY
  9. greatscottdoc said: Very pretty!
  10. robin-scherbatsky said: cuuuute
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