list of ~scandalous~ things you should know about me in case you take offense to my existence and need to unfollow or something

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  1. meg-of-spades said: I freaking love you. You’re so confident and awesome.
  2. icameforthephotos said: I can stand everything but the last - so I guess…I giess *sobs uncontrollably* if you don’t like me, I’ll, I’ll just…be over here, a Sherlock fan….*hysterics* Please don’t make me leave! I swear I don’t post nutters stuff like most of my ilk!
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  4. thenerdyknitter said: You are who you are, be proud :)
  5. accioamber said: You sound like a pretty excellent person js
  6. takethistoyourgrace said: no one likes the sherlock fandom not even the sherlock fandom
  7. persephoneblue said: who does like the sherlock fandom?
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