This is kind of a rude question. I mean, if there weren’t so many “why”s thrown in there, I wouldn’t have read it in such an abrasive tone, but you’re coming off as kind of judgmental. (And, okay, you can argue that you didn’t INTEND for it to be rude, but here’s a hint: any statement that starts with “I love your blog BUT” is going to be fucking rude.)

Honestly I shouldn’t be treating this question with the amount of actual dignity that I am treating it, because this is rude. But oh well.

To answer your question, first we need to examine the full annotated list of the real people I ship:

As you can see, over half of my real people ships are proven canon. (We’re not counting David and Billie as a ship, because I think David and Georgia are ADORABLE together, and the same goes for Billie and Laurence. I don’t see anything going on between David and Billie now.) I don’t see anything wrong with being happy for beautiful people and wanting them to continue to be happy and be together.

As for my shipping Smillan: I am quiet about it. I rarely blog about it (and when I do, it’s all reblogs with the tag #secretly married, so if you don’t want to see any posts involving them you can totally blacklist that and that is A-ok). I rarely think about it because honestly? I don’t know if they’re dating or have dated or will date. I am just fascinated by the dynamic between Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. They are such ridiculous hipsters. So if they’re just best friends, I AM TOTALLY OKAY WITH THAT. I am staying my distance, keeping my boundaries in check, and appreciating how majestic they are as people. Cool, cool, cool.

Here’s a list of things I am NEVER EVER GOING TO DO:

So, uh… If you have an issue with me appreciating the dynamic between two people, you can ask me about it some more. If you have an issue with my appreciation of the relationships of celebrities, feel free to talk to me about it.

Just know that I treat my real life ships with more respect than you’ve treated me in just your ask alone.

Okay bye.

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