How I imagine the Doctor Who tumblr is run:

Setting: A row of cubicles decorated with photos of the TARDIS (both classic and nu!Who-era) and different Doctor Who actors. In the corner of the office space is a shrine on which photos of Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner, and Steven Moffat rest. A few WORKERS mill about from cubicle to cubicle, but most are all seated in their own cubicles, scrolling down their computers in a blur of blue-gray and white. Enter STEVE, and JOE, two WORKERS who help to run the Doctor Who blog.
Joe: Hey, Steve, I really like this photoset, but can you tell me what episode it's from?
Steve: No, Joe, I can't, but I'm sure Sheryl could help you out.
Joe: I bet she could! SHERYL! (Enter Sheryl)
Sheryl: Yeah, boys?
Steve: Can you tell us which episode this photoset is from?
Sheryl: Well, let's see. Judging on looks alone, the shirt-and-lack-of-tie combination that David Tennant has going on is making me think it's "Tooth and Claw." And, look, you can see the Scottish hillside in the background. Yep. That, boys, is most definitely "Tooth and Claw." Come on, that's an easy one.
Joe: Thanks, Sheryl. (Types the words "David Tennant in "Tooth and Claw" in bold lettering above the already-written caption.) You can stop calling us "boys" now, by the way.
Sheryl: But I want to feel like Amy Pond.
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  23. grantairely said: then sheryl is like “hey steve” “yeah sheryl?” “why don’t you wear swirly ties like the doctor?” and he chokes a bit and pulls at his collar. he’s like “um…well…i have one…” so her eyes light up and he decides to wear it the next day. NEW OTP