if you’re a bbw or porn blog please unfollow me and please don’t reblog my pictures

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Billie Piper attending the Bright Young Things Gala in London (18.09.14)

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I’m shopping for expensive clothing with Ari iagoinaducksuit and so far at least three people have assumed that we’re getting married and I think everyone has assumed that we are wealthy and in our prime litTLE DO THEY KNOW WE ARE TWO 19-YEAR-OLDS DROWNING IN DEBT AND HAVING DAILY EXISTENTIAL CRISES

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“Obviously I’ll never be in anything with the commercial success that Harry Potter has but then again neither will anyone else.”

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i’m so excited to read amy poehler’s book but i’m also nervous to find out how Problematic my Fave is

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HQ scans from Good Housekeeping, October 2014.

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you were the first person i ever followed and ive been following you through three blog remakes and its amazing to me that you are the only constant presence on my dashboard you are the only person whos url i look at and think "oh yea thats jess i love jess" and i think thats real cool

awww anon oh my goodness thank you for following me for so long. if i ever do change my url, i promise you i will still be jess (but since i haven’t managed to find one i like, i think for now your dashboard is safe ;P) <3333

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And walk through

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